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What DashView Offers

DashView allows you to display informative or promotional material to your staff and customers simply and easily wherever you need to.

Gone are the days of saving numerous powerpoints to one local machine. Create a fully functional slideshow featuring images, videos and even websites, the slideshow will be stored on your account accessible from anywhere that can connect to the web!

  • Show any Images
  • Feature Videos
  • Show and Interact with Websites

You just need a TV or monitor for display, and a PC of any size, raspberry pi, or any other browser connected to the internet to display the information.

Our Customers

Anyone who wants to display information to staff or customers can use DashView to enhance their displays and simplify their administration.

In the workplace, DashView can display information, dashboard statistics, motivational or urgent messages, and anything else that needs to be communicated to staff or visitors.

Hotels can display useful information and promotional offers to residents and customers.

Shops, bars and restaurants can display promotional information to customers.

"An extremely flexible and useful web application that allows us to control our information displays."

In the UK, you can also link it to TravelDisplay to display live train departures nearby, and in London TravelDisplay can also display live bus, tube and other TfL departures and disruptions at the stops and stations of your choosing.